How To Pick The Ideal Venue For Your Conference

How To Pick The Ideal Venue For Your Conference

July 4, 2017|Posted in: Business Services

Picking the best location for your conference is perhaps among the biggest challenges that you will face when you are planning a business event. There are many factors to consider and you will also have to do a lot of comparing. Here are some of the areas and a bit of insight into how you can pick the best location for your conference.

Consider how accessible it is

If you are getting a serviced office in Kuala Lumpur, make sure that it is accessible easily to as many attendees as possible, or better yet, everyone. Transport should be very available at all times. This is especially important if you have any VIPs coming in and they need flights. You will have to look at all the details including the availability of tickets and distance from the airport to your venue. There will also need to be enough parking for everybody on the location when they arrive.

Is there accommodation nearby?

If your chosen location is not a hotel, you will need to look into accommodation for the participants who will have to stay overnight if they are travelling from across state or overseas. Make sure that the lodging is taken care of well in advance and also see if transport to the hotel can be provided. If the hotel itself will not be able to provide a shuttle, you will have to plan out the transport as well.

Consider your budget

Your meeting room rental has to be within the limits of your budget allocation. In the event that the ideal spot is exceeding your margin, try to negotiate. If it is a really big and important event with VIPs, there is a possibility that the hotel or facility will oblige to a reasonable bargain.

Does the location suit your occasion?

A conference or any business event will have a lot to do with branding. Therefore, you need to make sure that the outlook and other amenities of the decided venue will not take away or add too much to the corporate message that you are trying to give out. Your stakeholders will not be happy if there is a friction between the venue and the brand image and your sponsors will not like it either.

Staff and amenities

First, confirm the number of attendees for your event. Next think about if there is enough staff on location to help out at the event, especially when it comes to food and beverages. You will also need security staff and some sort of aid in concierge.  The facility that you have chosen will need to have a suitable set of amenities like sound equipment and a stage. They also will need to be able to accommodate everybody comfortably. It seems like an awful lot of things to look into, but covering all your bases when it comes to choosing the right location is the key to holding a successful business event or conference.