How To Design Your Own Villa

How To Design Your Own Villa

August 12, 2016|Posted in: Business Services

Building your own villa, whether it be for your private use or for rent, can be very exciting. However, somewhere down the line you will no doubt encounter some unforeseen problem or the other. So proper planning is essential to save you time and most importantly money.

Get inspired

First you must have an idea of what you want your villa to look like. Go around and visit other villas. Notice their architecture, the furniture, upholstery, and the other décor they have used. Before you buy just any property for sale in Bali, consider the location. Most people love to have beautiful natural scenery.

Make a note of the things you like as well as the things you don’t. Take photographs whenever possible. You may notice details that you missed earlier.

Consider the landscape and location

A clever designer will make the residents in the villa feel like a part of the surroundings. They will build the villa around the natural surroundings rather than the other way around. It is important to have open, but secluded areas where the view can be enjoyed while relaxing or dining.

If you are putting up villas for sale consider the access a guest has to the nearest grocery store, shopping mall, night club or the attractions in the city so it’s better to have a reservation. The more access the more guests you’ll attract. Also consider other factors like disturbance from the neighbourhood. If your location is in a noisy area perhaps you should consider ways to make the villa somewhat soundproof to its surroundings.


Before you begin have a financial plan. You will have to make changes as you go along, but at least you won’t be in for unpleasant surprises. Keep in mind that it is very likely that you will have to go over budget.


Think of the other facilities that you can add to make it more attractive such as a gym, spa, library, playground etc.

Get a professional opinion

Once you draw a rough sketch of your villa get an architect to help. He will be able to save you a lot of money and tell you which elements of your plan are viable and which are not. Some building material may not be suitable for your design or you may need to change a few things, because the texture of the soil (e.g. sand, mud, rock) you are building on will not support it.


Get the final plan approved by the authorities. You may need a building permit to build in some countries.

Once you’ve done your due diligence you can begin building your dream villa. Remember that the more careful you are with the initial planning the less stress you will have during the process. Rectifying even small a problem will be more and more difficult once you go into the building stages.