How To Be The Best Bridesmaid Ever!

How To Be The Best Bridesmaid Ever!

July 19, 2017|Posted in: Business Services

So you are the chosen one! Some girls consider themselves lucky to be a part of the bridesmaids’ squad whereas others feel they are doomed. Being a bridesmaid is not all about clicking happy candid pictures with the bride. It comes with a set of responsibilities that you must fulfill in order to ensure that the bride enjoys her nuptials thoroughly. Here are a few tips to help you become the best bridesmaid ever!


The moment you’ve been chosen as a bridesmaid, it’s time to start preparing for the big day. Organize every detail from your dress to the makeup so that you can pay attention to the bride on her nuptials instead of worrying about your hair and makeup. Organize all your appointments and alter your work schedule so that you may be available whenever the bride needs you, especially during the nuptials week. Discuss with the bride regarding her ideas and try contacting the relevant vendors and formulate a plan for the bride to meet the caterer, decorator, photographer, makeup artist and designer so that she has a schedule to rely on.

Don’t be a spoilsport

A common mistake that most bridesmaids tend to make is that they ruin the mood of the atmosphere by their behavior and words. There is no need to pass unnecessary comments about the brides dress or makeup. It’s best to keep quiet rather than say anything that might hurt the bride on her big day. Try your best to keep the environment happy by being cheerful and avoid any arguments with the other bridesmaids. Participate in the celebrations and give in to any crazy photo requests that the wedding photographer might make if it helps make the album nice.

Keep calm

If you are a clumsy person, this is something you must work on once you’ve been chosen to be the bridesmaid. The bride is bound to be stressed on her big day and nobody would want an unorganized and stressed bridesmaid running around and increasing their stress levels. Therefore, remember to be prepared for any obstacles that you may encounter and maintain your composure to keep the atmosphere and the bride relaxed. Don’t run around panting at the last minute about any problem that might have occurred. Try your best to sort it out without getting the bride involved.

Be there for her

It is important that you be present throughout the nuptials planning process, both physically and emotionally. Try your best to lend any emotional support that the bride may require and comfort her in case she gets too stressed and anxious. Accompany the bride for her bridal fittings, hair and makeup appointments. In addition, be there for her if she needs your help with deciding the Singapore wedding videographer, cake decorator, caterer and venue. Since there are several options available, most brides tend to get confused. So try your best to lend any support that she may need from you.

Sometimes you might get frustrated with this responsibility that has been entrusted to you, especially when the bride turns into bridezilla. But remember, that someday it could be you in her position. So keep calm and enjoy this journey.