Effects Of Learning A New Language

Effects Of Learning A New Language

January 17, 2018|Posted in: Business Services

Political activist and former president of South Africa, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, offers a beautiful description of how useful and valuable it is to immerse yourself in a new language learning. Only a person who has the knowledge of more than only his mother tongue knows how awesome it is. It gives you a completely different feeling to know more than one dialect.

Once you learn to speak fluent English, for example, you will start wondering about where the words rooted from. Let us say the word ‘sugar’. It has rooted from Old French word for sugar as ‘sucre’. It has a similar pronunciation in Arabic as ‘sucker’, in Persian as ‘shakar’ and in Tamil as ‘sakkara’. Doesn’t it make you wonder about how different languages from different countries are actually connected in some ways? That is the magic of knowing more than one language.

It has been scientifically proven that learning different languages actually improves your brainpower remarkably. Languages like English, French, Spanish, German, and many others are internationally official languages in several countries. Having a basic to proficient knowledge of these languages will enhance your job opportunities and other benefits as such.

Knowing various different dialects is never a con. Rather it is an added skill that you can proudly add into the skills category of your resume. Attend a business English course to enhance your professional vocabulary in the English language. You can attend similar courses to polish other languages as well. If you are planning to be an international interpreter, attending language courses is necessary. It is a highly paid job and if you are a travel lover you would kill for the job.

Getting to know about variety of languages will also help you to learn the culture and tradition of other country people. You will get the chance to taste the history and literature of a new nation. Have you ever listened to a song in French? Alternatively, in Arabic or in other languages than your own? If not, then listen to a few of them and try to comprehend their meanings. You will start begin to view a certain idea from a different perspective. That’s amazing. You must learn it to feel it.

If you are ready to acquire a new language skill, attend a nice course and don’t be afraid to read aloud in the class. At first, you will make mistakes in pronunciation, but that is nothing to be embarrassed about. You are here to learn and you will catch up eventually. Practice and apply the grammar rules you learn. Watch movies, documentaries and cartoons in the new language. Read books and listen to news and music in that particular language. Soon you will be the proud user of a new language.