Designing Your Own Handmade Greeting Cards

Designing Your Own Handmade Greeting Cards

January 19, 2016|Posted in: Business Services

If you are very creative person that has been making handmade greeting cards for as long as you can remember you might want to consider making a business out of it. You will not need to invest much in such a business as you can to do it completely online. You will need to start marketing your services on Facebook by advertising them on your own personal Facebook page and by starting up a Facebook page for your new company and do the same on Twitter.

Getting the right contacts

While you may have been making greeting cards for as long as you can remember, if you are going to start doing it professionally you may have to consider what would happen if you need to do it more on a mass scale. If you currently make all of your business card by cutting them manually with a paper cutter and a scissor, if you are given an all day or two to three hundred cards you will need to find a company that you can hire to cut the cards into shape for you with the use of a laser cutter apparatus. Of course you will need to incorporate these prices into the prices of your cards when you are pricing them and giving your customer a quotation.

Of course your goal would need to be to get as many orders as possible so that you can collect enough money to buy your own laser cutting machine so that you can take up big orders in the future when your business has become successful. It is important to remember that a company that will cut the card for you is going to charge you a certain amount of money and this money will lower your profit. If you have your own machine, the extra money will be your profit.

However, you will want to invest this money in buying your own cutting gadget. You will find that this money for cutting the card that you are paying to an outsider will become your profit. The small amount of cards it is unlikely that you will feel the need to do this however once you start doing cards on a mass scale such as taking up wedding orders you are going to realize that you are losing a significant amount of money from also sing it to a paper cutting company and that you might as well keep the money for yourself after you have invested in a machine.