5 Ways To Stay Healthy And Young

5 Ways To Stay Healthy And Young

September 12, 2016|Posted in: Business Services

We are all scared of growing old. One of the main concerns of growing old is the state of our health. But there are a few methods you can adopt to age gracefully.

Eat a balanced diet

Nutrition is key to maintaining a healthy body. Make sure you consume a sufficient amount of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins and healthy fat such as you find in nuts and sunflower seeds. Stay away from unhealthy carbs such as refined sugar, white flour and white rice. Stick to healthy carbs instead like whole grains, fruits, vegetables and beans. Try to lower your sugar intake as well. This means staying away from most fast food and carbonated drinks.

Have sufficient sleep

Sleep is essential to the body as our body carries out repairs while we rest. It is also a good way to reduce stress. The minimum amount of sleep for each age group can be different. Make sure you get as much sleep as you can. You can also take a mid-afternoon nap so that you may feel energised to take on the rest of the day. Not getting enough sleep can shorten your lifespan and cause stress and obesity.

Reduce stress

Everyone is living hectic lifestyles. There is not much time in our life for relaxation and enjoyment. Take a deep breath and take a break one in a while. Stress can contribute to a variety of health effects such as weight gain, high blood pressure, mood swings, irritability and insomnia. Try to engage in exercise to stay fit. You can also start doing something you enjoy like a hobby. You can take up writing, drawing, dancing or playing a musical environment to help you relax.

Take care of your skin

Skin is the largest organ of or body. It is very easy to spot signs of ageing on our skin. Most people resort to medicine to wipe their wrinkles away by adopting methods such as taking a botox injection in Singapore and ultrasound face tightening. But there are a few natural ways to take care of your skin as well. One thing to do is protect it from the sun by maintaining sufficient levels of vitamin A, D, E and K. Try to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. It is also important to keep well hydrated.

Keep your mind sharp

It’s important to keep your mental health up. You can try a few exercises such as puzzles, Sudoku or mental games. Another way is to engage in an artistic pursuit such as writing, painting, playing a musical instrument or dancing.