4 Major Things That You Destroy With Your Smoking Habits

4 Major Things That You Destroy With Your Smoking Habits

November 22, 2017|Posted in: Business Services

Are you thinking of quitting your smoking habit? If you are even attempting to; then we are proud of you. Here is a little motivation to help you quit smoking all together…

Your health in general

In all honesty, we bet you know this fact very well. after all, it is even printed in the back of almost every cigarette packaging that smoking is injurious for health. However, people just assume that they only have to be afraid of things like lung deceases and colorectal cancer Singapore (and other forms of cancer) after smoking for a long period of time. What they do not understand, is that the frequency and how much you smoke per day also has its effect on your body; and might show results even years after you quit smoking. So if you haven’t got addicted to smoking yet, consider it a blessing and quit today.

Your sleep; the quality and quantity of it

Most people already know that having sufficient sleep is vital for humans. It helps us be healthier, more productive, look better and also be happier in general. Nicotine like caffeine aids to keep your mind alert and awake, even if you didn’t smoke for a couple of hours before sleep. The best way to ensure that the nicotine quantity in your body doesn’t interfere with your sleep, is to avoid smoking in the second half of the day; and also avoid being around smokers in general. Eventually, work towards quitting smoking altogether for better quality sleep. 

Your looks and your lifestyle

You might feel like colon cancer is but a possibility of smoking; so it’s nothing to worry about. While we disagree strongly with this, we understand that your physical appearance, at the very least, would worry you¾as it’s a problem the rest of the world can see. Smoking causes hair to full, grey and fall faster than normal, your teeth to stain, fall, and get gum deceases. It also makes your skin look old, your bones to weaken, and your heart and lungs to weaken; resulting in you not being able to enjoy many activities that you previously have.

Your family; starting from your spouse to leading down to several generations

Passive smoking is the inhaling of smoke by those around a smoker. They too are highly at risk of getting lung deceases and cancer. Generally, a smoker’s spouse, children and coworkers are all at a high risk due to passive smoking. Some forms of cancer can be passed down genetically, inevitably weakening the future generation and putting them at risk as well. Finally, if your smoking causes your lungs or heart to fail, then understand that your spouse, children and parents too will get affected, and the stress you cause them could lead to illnesses of their own…